about us

MAMBODOMINO is a collaboration of four brothers to produce new, creative and innovative content. The four founders are:

  • Peter Gaspar, author of several successful fantasy-novels, and collaborator of the first and most popular Hungarian fantasy world and role playing game.
  • Laszlo Gaspar, with several years experience of audio and video editing, animation, and design programs.
  • Andras Gaspar, earned his degree in literature. His first novel – a fictional children’s story - was published via the internet.
  • Attila Gaspar, who is experienced in desktop publishing, digital music composing and familiar with DTP-programs and techniques.

The four brothers grew up together in a dynamic, creative atmosphere, and often developed stories, table games, comic books just for their own pleasure.
Now, as grown men, they have decided to go back to their childhood, renew the co-operation, and - with the aid of modern, up-to-date techniques - create new works.

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