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The Fairy of Spring watch trailer!





Sunnymeadow Chronicles is a fairy-tale about some friends who live at Sunnymeadow, a meadow surrounded by a forest, a stream, and a nearby orchard. In the first episode Rosie, Weewe, and Bee decide

to visit the Fairy of Spring because warmth is late.


Simple story, nice aquarelle backgrounds, friendly figures, charming atmosphere, and music, all make this tale interesting and attractive for children of 4-7 years.


During the planning and creating the tale, it was a really good occasion to study insects, birds, together with the greenery and their habitats. We hope that our excitement may saturate through the visual and audio content, making an exciting travel to thumb Sunnymeadow Chronicles.












Music - the birdsong


Common Blackbird (Turdus merula)

photo: Boyan Bencic


The Master and the Fairy

He's got the last song in this episode.


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The Swedish translation have already finished, when we realized that the Common Blackbird is the national bird of Sweden. The Swedish translation and narration is Yana Linden's work.


map: avibirds.com


more Common Blackbird:


fr es ru sv











Skylark (Alauda arvensis)



spring meadow scene



map: oiseaux.net

more Skylark:


fr es ru sv



Before the last game birdsong says farewell to the tale. Mostly Blackbird and Cuckoo.





Closing scene 


A folk-belief says that the Cuckoo does not migrate but changes itself to Sparrowhawk…











The wakin' of mr. Firefly

Interactive games were not planned in our former conceptions, but short animations were expected to fill the space between scenes.  However it proved significant that the tale must be also enjoyable on the Ipad1, so we planed games to change the movies. It was a good idea, the tale have become checkered and more exciting.



Spring game by Sunnymeadow Chronicles 


Yey India!


Linguistic and cultural round-trip on the

side jeindia.hu powered by our precise helper, Dániel Balogh.



Dániel Balogh





If we’d like to talk about music, let’s start our discourse from the birdsong first.

In case of Sunnymeadow Chronicles it is especially true, because  nature sounds and birdsong are produce a significant part of the tale’s sound material.


The spring nightfall song of the Common Blackbird which with the bird sing the setting sun saturates our childhood deeply, and escords it all along. It is our special fortune that the Com-mon Blackbird has urbanized superbly, so it’s song mix with the life of the urban children, too.


We’d like to thank for the great common work by the Master’s one  glorious recording .



The Common Blackbird’s spring nightfall song



Common Blackbird and Sunnymeadow Chronicles 


Expected numbers of the Master and his company


. (present, rare/accid, introduced, endernic, extinct)


One more star from the featuring artists: Skylark


An actor sure to come of the spring meadows and fields. If we have a luck to walk along  spacious meadows or there is a nearby ploughland, at sunny weather we can see  them  rising to the sky in sucession, pulling each other and singing. Then finally falling as a stone back to the ground. The Skylark is a real movie star. Many scenes have the familiar peaceful feeling by him.

Skylark and Sunnymeadow Chronicles


Listening the Skylark, a primitive drummachine won’t come to mind firstly, however this combo determines  the  music of spring meadow scene.
The music is cheery, the Skylark is brilliant.


Spring meadow with Skylark by Sunnymeadow Chronicles 


Of course, the Master can be listened without music, during reading or listening the tale.


Expected number:




Other starguests:


Common Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita)

wiki: fr es ru sv

Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

wiki: fr es ru sv

Great Tit (Parus major)

wiki: fr es ru sv

cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

wiki: fr es ru sv

and many others...

It is real good to work with such a royal company!


Finally two recordings from our bird stars:


Common Chiffchaff and Great Tits in gang




Chiffchaff and Sunnymeadow Chronicles


Cuckoo with it's strange laugh and Common Blackbird



Cuckoo and Sunnymeadow Chronicles 










Interactive games and their music


We composed 21 background musics for the tale, five of them are hoped to make interactive games more enjoyable. Here we select from them...


Weewe's room


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Behive game

The beehive game by Sunnymeadow Chronicles 






The tale is readable in Hungarian, English, Russian, Swedish, French, Spanish and Hindi languages. We’d like to thank all the efforts of our seven-tongued storytellers here. Our English-tongued helper

Todd Williams firstly was unwilling to receive our ask alluding to his strange voice, but still he was the „wanted man”, otherwise Ringo Starr also dubbed Thomas in it’s time.


Special thanks to Mr. Dániel Balogh for his serious help in following through  our  hindi-tongued plans. The Hindi implementation is his work. It is quite hard for us to process a sound recording which is not  lucid neither in spoken nor in written words. We’d have had much more problems without his conscientious help.


We’d like to extra-special thank to Mrs. Vijaya Sati for her hindi-tongued vetting and narrating efforts, and for her honourable support and attendance.



The Fairy of Spring


spoken by:


Magyar nyelv: Papp Erzsébet Ágnes

Angol nyelv: Todd Williams

Hindi nyelv: Vijaya Sati

Spanyol nyelv: Susanna Lopez Sanchez

Francia nyelv: Marion Capouilés

Svéd nyelv: Yana Lindén

Orosz nyelv: Agnessa Sulla


































































































Picture - backgrounds and figures

We used aquarelle backgrounds to create the basic scenery, which were made by Andras, following  former discussions. Then we rearranged these paintings with several digital technologies. Aquarelle is a markedly handwork techniquue. The main guideline we kept was to let dominate the feeling of hand painting. It is visible well on this former, a bit wrong quality sketch, that a picture can be exciting using only simple tools.





Background galery




The Performers



Contrary to the adult casting, the children were not choosen from the local acting circle. Anyhow we were going to cast leads, so we started to work with large attention. Children are growing up in reduced circumstances here. The location was almost infested with the little beetles, so we could easily make some pictures of them. Unfortunately most of them proved
absolutely untreatable not couning the photographing procedures. As an unexpected result of shooting mambodomino has commited itself to take a part of social supporting for local children.





A dropped scene becouse of the problems mentioned



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The science of making honey


Honeybees are a subset of bees. They care for making honey.  Producing honey inside their body and storaging it outside their body as a food.(pilfered many times with pleasure by the people and other bigbody ones.  Honey is not perishable. A clean essence from vegetal materials with animal separation, however containing none of animal quality. That’s why honey also used by the most austere vegan feeding.


more honey: wikipedia

fr es ru sv hi


We took no lessons from the mystery of making honey during the planning and creating the thale, but it was a really good occasion to study insects, birds, together with the greenery and their habitants. We hope that our excitement may saturate through the visual and audio content, making an exciting travel to thumb Sunnymeadow Chronicles.



Aquarelle is the base technique, which with the child  meet already in the nursery school and can work along the scool-years. We also made our first sketches beside more simple backgrounds, anyhow the effect of the composition were still convenient. Aplying aquarelle several details become  ignorable without disturbing  the children in their apsorption.




the bark-house scene - detail


It is a good point for us, if our patches and splodges remind the little tale-reader of  the scool splodges and washes.




Long casting has antedated the final selection of the performers. It was important that the applicant must have been able to tell a clear sentence and  call up the feeling of sympathy. So it is hard to find a beetle like this. Selecting the pictures, now we publish some of the local acting talents.
























child casting






















Finally we distributed the leads in three families of insects. They are:



The family of Bees



Many-many genues of them are known all around the world, where is the greenery staminated by insects. Softly overdrawing we can call them the parts of the flowers. They have very important task in shaping the floral vegetable kingdom. Most of them appears in colonial lifeform, aptly defined as state-creating insects.  In this time special groups (casts) are created around the queen, in wich casts different tasks are  served by the members of the bee family. Contrary to the usual belief, not all the bees produce honey, and a great many lone genues are known.They feeds pollens and nectars.


more bees: wikipedia

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They are everywhere except the perpetual land of snows.Their Hungarian name comes from that strange noise they make in emergency, other hand  deserved  their English name about the long antennae they have. The largest beetle ever nowadays also turns up from these caracteristic beetle peoples. (The Herkules beetle is just bigger because it’s horn) Feed live and dead vegetal materials.

more longhorn beetles: wikipedia

fr es ru sv



This beetle family is one of the  most populous animal family at all. The family name comes from their snuzzle-like head, but their antennas are strange too. Fossilized pristine weewil beetles are also known and it seems that their snuzzles might be much longer. They’ve spread all around the world.

Photo: Zoltán Faggyas


Usually plant feeders, in many cases feed especially one kind of plant.

more weevil beetles: wikipedia

fr es ru sv







Under preparation - Spider from the Deep


Naposréttől nyugatra patak szeli át a vidéket. Második történetünket ez a vidék ihlette. Változatos és izgalmas élőhely.

Megfestése Andrásra vár, nem egyszerű

a feladat.



Lipi nagyapját, Papót néha sikerül rávenni, hogy izgalmas történeteket meséljen, hiszen ő már sok mindent látott. Ám az öreg gyakran belealszik a mesébe. Ilyenkor nincs mit tenni, meg kell győződni a történet igaz mivoltáról. Tényleg lakik egy pók valahol a patakban?










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